Welcome to the Innovative Service of

Surveillance for Photovoltaic
Fields by APTAC

APTAC is pleased to present its revolutionary surveillance service for photovoltaic systems, which exploits the advanced technology of drones equipped with thermal cameras.
This pioneering service is designed to ensure unprecedented protection and maintenance for your solar installations, offering safety, efficiency and cost reduction.

Why Choose the APTAC Surveillance Service
for Your Photovoltaic Field?

Advanced surveillance

Our drones are equipped with high definition thermal cameras


Monitoring is continuous,
timely interventions

Optimized costs

Thanks to preventive maintenance,
costs are optimised

Specifically, our Surveillance Service will guarantee you:

  • Advanced Surveillance: our drones, equipped with cutting-edge sensors and high-definition cameras, carry out reconnaissance flights that completely cover your solar systems, allowing the timely identification of potential anomalies or intrusions.
  • Real Time Fault Detection: through the use of thermal cameras, we are able to discover problems such as overheating or defects in solar cells, facilitating rapid interventions and minimizing downtime.
  • Continuous Monitoring from the Operations Room: our operations room monitors in real time the images transmitted by the drones, ensuring constant vigilance and ready to intervene instantly in case of necessity.
  • Cost Optimization: the adoption of drones for inspection and preventive maintenance operations represents a cost-effective strategy, which prevents greater expenses related to maintenance interventions. emergency or prolonged manual inspections.
  • Increased Security: the efficiency of our drones in monitoring and preventing acts of vandalism or theft guarantees improved security for your investments.
  • Detailed Reports and Analysis: at the end of each flight, we provide exhaustive reports that include thermographic analyses, high-quality photographs and suggestions for targeted preventive or corrective actions.< /li>

Our Commitment Toward You

At APTAC, we are committed to exceeding your expectations by offering a superior quality surveillance service to protect and optimize the efficiency of your photovoltaic systems. Our team of professionals is at your disposal to discuss your specific needs and personalize our services according to your requests.

Contact us to find out more about our drone surveillance service or to arrange a demonstration of their effectiveness.

With APTAC, the future of safety and maintenance of photovoltaic fields is already here.

APTAC - Innovation and safety at the service of your energy future

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